STATEN ISLAND, NY - OCTOBER 30: Completely flooded basement next day after Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012 in Staten Island. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet

Imagine having your basement turned into a swimming pool.  What was down there?  Did you have furniture, stored boxes of memories, electronics, or photos?  Your belongings are just the start.  How much damage does all that water cause to the walls, floors, bathrooms, and other structures?  What about the effect all that water has on electrical outlets and lighting?  It’s pretty clear that even a flooded basement can easily have you in over your head, and we haven’t even considered if other parts of your home are damaged too.

Fortunately, there are specialists like those at that have plenty of experience with homes damaged by water.  They clean up after hurricanes and storms as well as cleaning up the consequences of burst pipes, sewage overflow, and mold.  The first concern is salvaging your belongings and your memories that can’t be replaced.  Specialists will tell you what can and what can’t be fixed, and they are familiar with how to clean your belongings to stop the damage being done by the water.  Properly cleaned belongings also keep you from reintroducing mold into your home after restoration is done.  Your things will need to be stored while restoration on your home is being done.

Mold is one of the biggest concerns that restoration experts will have.  They have to fight the advance of mold while cleaning up the damage that has already been done to your home.  They have special equipment to test for the type and severity of mold infestation, and they have the tools to clean up that damage.  They take such care with mold because of the health and safety danger it poses to you and your family.  Learn more about mold damage and what to do at, and you’ll understand more of the danger that mold can bring.

Your doctor can tell you if symptoms your family is experiencing might be due to mold.  Mild symptoms can look like seasonal allergies or sinus problems, but they might not come when you’d expect seasonal allergies to.  Red and ichy eyes and a runny nose can be easy to ignore, that is, until the symptoms get worse and become muscle aches and dizziness.  Severe mold reactions can include seizure and death.






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