Did you know that thread count usually isn’t a big indicator of the quality of your bed sheets? Well, it isn’t! As long as the thread count is above 300, you’re probably good as long as you buy sheets that are high quality. But, how can you tell?

There are a few factors to look for when you’re shopping for the best egyptian cotton sheet on the market today and they’re probably not exactly what you think they should be.

First, check the country where they were made. The finest sheets are often manufactured in Italy or France, not Pakistan, India, or China.

Secondly, you want to check the wording on the package to make sure it says 100% Egyptian cotton. If it’s “Pima cotton” or some other wording, it may not be the cotton you’ve been looking for. Even wording such as “long staple cotton”, though is does imply higher quality than normal, isn’t the same as saying that it’s pure Egyptian cotton.

Last, you want to check the price. Real egyptian cotton sheets aren’t $30 for a set. You can’t find them for less than $100 and very often they sell for over $300 a set.

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