We all have a reason to reduce the amount of energy we use. Some families are making an effort to be more environmentally conscious, reducing the burden they put on our earth by wasting less and being more mindful of purchases.

Other families want to reduce financial waste and tighten their belts. Where cars used to be marketed for their speed or sleek style, but now the gas mileage of a car is front and center in advertising. LED light bulbs and energy efficient appliances are more readily available than they ever have been. It’s not about making life less convenient, but about balancing luxury with thoughtfulness.

Home energy expenses are a large portion of any household budget. While energy efficient appliances do some of the job, our heating and cooling costs are easily the biggest chunk of household energy expenses. The insulation in your home could be costing you a lot of money. Air infiltration takes advantage of drafty spots in your home, sucking out the air and letting in allergens and pollen.

What type of insulation do you have in your home? If you’re like most people, it’s those rolls of fiberglass batting just like you find in the hardware store. They essentially provide a porous blanket-like insulation for your home.

A better option is a blown in home insulation. This type of insulation gets into the crevices and more complicated spots in your home that regular rolls of insulation just don’t cover. This is even more important for people that live in hot climates. In the summer, home energy bills go up because of the stifling heat and humidity.  You can learn more about it here.

For people in hot cities like Clarksville, TN, blown in home insulation could mean the difference between high bills and an unevenly cooled home or lower bills and a cooler house. Getting it installed in your house isn’t difficult, and it’s great for newer and older homes. For more information on what it takes to make this change, you can look at http://sprayfoaminsulationclarksvilletn.com.

On top of air loss, you have to worry about pollen and allergens. Consumers spend a lot of money on air filters and other products to clean and freshen the air in our homes. If the loss of air is taken care of, filters can work better and you’ll spend less money on air fresheners and other products. This will even lessen the dangers of mold and similar issues that come from moisture getting into your home.

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